From Olympic Gold Medalists to NCAA and Age Group National Champions, LBAFoundation has produced some of the best water polo players in the U.S.

Player of The Month

Myha Pinto

Myha’s involvement with water polo was not intentional. When the Laguna Beach Water Polo Club wanted to put together an all-girls 10U team, she was asked to participate, and thoroughly enjoyed her experience on that team.

While she continued dance and gymnastics for some time,  water polo eventually became her primary sport. She has played on various age group teams for Laguna Beach for many years. Myha has enjoyed the friendships, comradery and experiences she has had while playing water polo.

In addition, the competitive nature of water polo appeals to her true self, and water polo overall has had a very positive impact on her life.

In her free time, Myha enjoys traveling, going to the beach, seeing movies, reading, hanging out with her friends, and of course the family dog, Pom-Pom.


Get In The Pool!

USA Water Polo

$35 - $110
  • Gold Athlete – $110.00
  • Silver Athlete – $75.00
  • Bronze Athlete – $35.00
  • College/Young Professional Athlete – $46.00
  • Coach/Referee Memberships
  • Associate Members (Parent/Booster/Club Admin)

City of Laguna Beach

$450 - $550
  • Fall Boys 10 & Under
  • Fall Boys 12 & Under
  • Fall Boys 14 & Under
  • Fall Girls 10 & Under
  • Fall Girls 12 & Under
  • Fall Girls 14 & Under