From Olympic Gold Medalists to NCAA and Age Group National Champions, LBAFoundation has produced some of the best water polo players in the U.S.

Player of The Month

Chiara Amoroso

Chiara joined Laguna Beach Water Polo in the fall of 2018  and has enjoyed the rigorous practices and the new friends she has made here. She began playing water polo when she was 10, and started swimming competitively at around the same time.
It was hard saying goodbye to her former polo team, but she came to Laguna looking to step outside of her comfort zone and to broaden her experience.   Prior to discovering her love for water sports, most her time was spent on land sports including several years of soccer and gymnastics,  and usually more than one sport at a time.
 Aside from sports, Chiara plays the violin and likes to tinker on the guitar and piano.  If there’s any time left after that and homework, she’s busy watching “Friends” on Netflix.  You’ll probably notice when you see Chiara in and out of the pool that she almost always has a smile on her face.
IMG_2257 chiara

Get In The Pool!

USA Water Polo

$35 - $110
  • Gold Athlete – $110.00
  • Silver Athlete – $75.00
  • Bronze Athlete – $35.00
  • College/Young Professional Athlete – $46.00
  • Coach/Referee Memberships
  • Associate Members (Parent/Booster/Club Admin)

City of Laguna Beach

$450 - $550
  • Fall Boys 10 & Under
  • Fall Boys 12 & Under
  • Fall Boys 14 & Under
  • Fall Girls 10 & Under
  • Fall Girls 12 & Under
  • Fall Girls 14 & Under