From Olympic Gold Medalists to NCAA and Age Group National Champions, LBAFoundation has produced some of the best water polo players in the U.S.

Player of The Month

Lars Knepper

Quoting Coach Chad, Lars is a relentless player. He’s always looking for a steal or a shot.  Lars is an adept player both in the field and in the goal.

Nine years old this month, Lars has literally grown up with Chad and his brother Albie, starting with swim lessons with Albie at age 4, on through swim team prep and swim team. Lars has been playing water polo for three seasons now, though has years of experience on the pool deck watching his big sister, Ava.

Lars loves being with his teammates both as a team and as his friends, whether it’s playing butts up before practice or at the beach. He has a big heart and is a funny guy.     Lars is super proud to be named player of the month.


Get In The Pool!

USA Water Polo

$35 - $110
  • Gold Athlete – $110.00
  • Silver Athlete – $75.00
  • Bronze Athlete – $35.00
  • College/Young Professional Athlete – $46.00
  • Coach/Referee Memberships
  • Associate Members (Parent/Booster/Club Admin)

City of Laguna Beach

$450 - $500
  • Fall Boys 10 & Under
  • Fall Boys 12 & Under
  • Fall Boys 14 & Under
  • Fall Girls 10 & Under
  • Fall Girls 12 & Under
  • Fall Girls 14 & Under