From Olympic Gold Medalists to NCAA and Age Group National Champions, LBWPFoundation has produced some of the best water polo players in the U.S.

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Player of The Month

Isabella Sarkis

When it comes to Isabella, Shakespeare said it best when he wrote: “Though she be but little, she is fierce!” In fact, that quote hangs above Isabella’s bed as a reminder to always be passionate and dedicated and to always do your best, regardless of what life throws your way. For Isabella, that means giving her all to both academics, water polo, friends, and family.

As far as water polo is concerned, she loved it the minute she first played. And, even though the transition from swim team to egg-beatering was challenging, it has been nothing but amazing. Isabella and her 10u Laguna girls team won the Junior Olympic Gold Medal last year with Coach Albie. Her 12u team hopes to do the same this year in Northern California with Coach Kelcie.

When Isabella isn’t practicing with her water polo pals, she is working hard to maintain her straight A’s. Isabella also loves to travel the world with her family, including Rome this Thanksgiving, spend time with her friends, and play with her 15-year-old cat (Sinbad) and 13-week old Lab puppy (Luna Skywalker). Isabella also loves to cook (especially dessert) and read.

Get In The Pool!

USA Water Polo

$35 - $110
  • Gold Athlete – $110.00
  • Silver Athlete – $75.00
  • Bronze Athlete – $35.00
  • College/Young Professional Athlete – $46.00
  • Coach/Referee Memberships
  • Associate Members (Parent/Booster/Club Admin)

City of Laguna Beach

$450 - $500
  • Fall Boys 10 & Under
  • Fall Boys 12 & Under
  • Fall Boys 14 & Under
  • Fall Girls 10 & Under
  • Fall Girls 12 & Under
  • Fall Girls 14 & Under