Laguna Beach Water Polo Foundation


The Laguna Beach Water Polo Foundation’s (LBWPF) mission is to develop the young athletes of Laguna Beach into high caliber water polo players. The LBWPF will also fortify the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, teamwork, dedication, work ethic and accountability. With these skills and tools, we will be able to provide them with the best opportunity to find success in and outside of the pool for the rest of their lives. We aim to instill these young athletes with a great understanding of the sport of water polo before entering high school so that they reach their highest athletic potential.

About The Foundation

The foundation is dedicated to recruiting more National level athletes to join the storied Laguna Beach tradition and pride demonstrated by the pioneers of the Laguna Beach Water Polo Club whose members include 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Nolan McConnell, Annika Dries as well as 2016 Olympic Gold Medalists, Makenzie and Aria Fischer.

The Laguna Beach Water Polo Foundation provides financial support for all of the operational activities of the club, including but not limited to: the hiring and retaining top level coaches for all levels of play; providing new equipment such as balls, nets, and hats; covering the costs of travel tournament entry fees and pool rental time in surrounding communities; funding training camps, sports clinics and even scholarships for players with financial needs.

The foundation’s other core objective is to support fundraising efforts that will raise capital to build a new aquatic center in Laguna Beach. Unfortunately, the current pool neither meets the needs of the club nor the community. With insufficient space to accommodate swim team prep, community swim, high school water polo teams and other community organizations, our young athletes have no choice but to practice until 9:30 PM during the week. Scheduling pool time has placed such a burden on both school and family schedules that many Laguna Beach players often leave for other teams that offer better practice schedules and more room to train. A new pool facility will not only allow for expanded beginner sessions that are currently only run during summer session due to lack of space while freeing up room for the rest of the community, but it will keep Laguna Beach players in Laguna Beach so we can continue our town’s tradition of building national athletes that our community can be proud of.


The purpose of the Laguna Beach Water Polo Foundation is to provide the Laguna Beach community with a place where children can spend time learning and developing fundamental skills of water polo. Through rigorous training guided by talented and experienced coaches, these young athletes will maintain the high level of excellence and achievement historically seen in Laguna Beach athletes. LBWPF strives to continue the tradition of developing national team level athletes to stand long side Nolan McConnell, Annika Dries (Gold Medalist - 2012 Olympics), Makenzie Fischer, and Aria Fischer (Gold Medalists - 2016 Olympics) in the legacy of Laguna Beach water polo.

LBWPF will work to enhance the water polo programs in the following ways:

Coaching Staff

The foundation will prioritize hiring and retain a high quality, experienced coaching staff to support the development of the young athletes.

Equipment and Gear

Access to top of the line equipment will play a key role in allowing athletes to prepare for future competition by training in pools that mimic regulation conditions. They will also have access to a myriad of training tools that will ensure each athlete reaches their full athletic potential while maintaining physical health.


The foundation believes that every committed athlete deserves the opportunity to play water polo regardless of their family's financial situation. Therefore, limited scholarships will be available for current athletes upon discussion with the foundation board.


To increase exposure to different playing styles, the foundation hopes to bring in water polo world's top athletes to run clinics for the whole program.

Foreign Training Tours

These training tours will send the Laguna Beach club teams to other countries where they may learn from the diverse styles of play seen around the world, thus developing tools in their water polo arsenal to give them a competitive edge upon returning to the United States.

Construction of A New Pool

An important part of bringing these goals to fruition will be the construction of a new pool in the community. Completion of a new pool will afford the whole community better access to activities that they enjoy.

The construction of the new pool will benefit Laguna Beach student athletes in the following ways:

  1. Help Student Athletes Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: A new pool will make more pool times that are conducive to a healthy daily schedule for student athletes available year-round. Currently, practices can end around 9:30 pm due to lack of pool availability, which pushes eating schedules and sleeping schedules into unhealthy zones during the school year. A new pool will provide a space for young student athletes to practice earlier.
  2. Provide Sufficient Practice Space: Currently, the water polo teams must practice two at a time in a limited pool space shared with the swim team and community lap swimmers. This means that each team may only practice with a fraction of a regulation pool size; therefore, teams cannot practice every tactical facet of water polo such as counter attacks and transitions, which may lead to a disadvantage when entering a full-size court during competition.
  3. Enhance Beginner Water Polo: With more pool availability, the “splash ball” and “beginning water polo” programs could be made available year-round rather than only during the summer. This will hopefully generate more awareness of the water polo programs and afford children who may be unable to participate during the summer a chance to try.