Laguna Beach Water Polo


Our Story | Excellence. Community. Integrity.

The Laguna Beach Water Polo Club understands that successful water polo athletes must encompass a range of skill sets. Strength, endurance and coordination are core fundamentals of the sport. Focus, collaboration and communication are equally crucial to propel athletes to become distinguished among their peers. Therefore, Laguna Beach Water Polo Club’s mission is to provide a comprehensive training program that fosters each athlete to excel. We welcome athletes of all skill levels and aim to help each athlete achieve his or her goals.

Throughout their development, athletes are nurtured to set individual goals. Clearly developed goals help athletes command the necessary steps to succeed. We recognize athletes approach water polo with different abilities and believe each player can exceed the boundaries of their physical gifts and talents. We have enthusiastic and supportive coaching staff who are driven to help our athletes meet individual goals and become champions in water polo. The combined determination of the athletes and coaches to be excellent is core to the power of our club.

While we recognize the value of helping individual athletes reach their goals, we equally emphasize the power and necessity of coming together as a team. Members on the team are expected to respect one another and motivate with positivity. Teamwork and integrity lead the way toward success and nurture the joy of water polo for our athletes. Laguna Beach Water Polo Club has a strong foundation of successfully strengthening bonds between our players. The connectedness between players and coaches sets us apart as a club.

Achievements | Leadership. Determination. Victory.

The Laguna Beach Water Polo Club has produced some of the best water polo players in the United States including Olympic Gold Medalists, NCAA competitors and Age Group National Champions. We are equally proud of all our young athletes and celebrate their many successes each year. Historically, our Age Group and Club teams are victorious in both local tournaments and Junior Olympic events. Since inception in the early 1990s, the Laguna Beach Water Polo Club has taken pride in developing athletes with life skills to achieve success in the water and beyond.


Our Mission

The specific purpose of the Laguna Beach Water Polo Foundation is to provide the resources to the Laguna Beach water polo community to create and sustain excellence in water polo. Our goal is to retain and attract excellent coaching for age group clubs through high school and provide necessary resources to enable high quality training within the community. We also will provide financial aid to families in need to help cover the costs of playing water polo.